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FMS Photo Corp.

Home Movie Transfers       Slides/negative to digital

-VHS to DVD             

-miniDV to DVD         We also can transfer to digital files

-super 8 to DVD                        (mp4, wmv)

-Hi8 to DVD

Wondering what's on those old home movies tapes and reels, but have no way of viewing them anymore?

How to transfer vhs to dvd? We Can!

We can transfer your old home movies to DVD's so you can enjoy them once again with your family AND preserve them for future generations!

Bring in your memories and let us transfer them for you.

Don't let your family memories literally fade away in a hot attic.  Have them preserved on DVD's before it's too late!

VHS to DVD ... $15 per tape

Super 8 and movie film ... $.22 cents per foot plus $25 per DVD

Slides/negs to digital files ... varies depending on size and quantity